BL230EE Dual Frequency Echo Sounder 200 kHz & 30 kHz with Echo Envelope


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The BL230EE (Echo Envelope) is similar to our original bl230 but also adds the ability to output the Echo Envelope full water column data. It starts with a Survey Grade 200 kHz and 30kHz echo sounder in one transducer. Its the best choice for shallow water bathymetric (hydrographic) surveys up to 200 meters deep. The 200 kHz is typically used for up to 100m of water depth and the more powerful  30 khz is best from 100m – 200m of water depth. Dredgers also like using them to determine hard or soft bottom. By seeing how far the 30 khz penetrates compared to the 200 khz top layer return. This model has 3 specific USB outputs. The standard NMEA Dual Frequency output.

This specialized bl230EE unit does all of the above and than also provides a high and low frequency full water column echo envelope. This data when logged in the proprietary drivers included in Hydromagic and other software can create a high and low echogram side profile of the full water column and also illustrates the bottom penetration. This data is useful by anyone looking to see aquatic vegetation, algae blooms ,  fish habitats or submerged object in the water column. The visual image of bottom penetration is useful in  bottom classification etc.


Included in the kit:

  • 200/30 kHz Transducer
  •  Rugged Hard Case
  • Boat Mounting Bracket
  • 5x Survey poles
  • 9000 mah Li-ion Battery with Charger
  • Usb manual flash drive
  • 3 USB data outputs 
  • No Sales Tax charged outside of California

Shipping Cost $75.00 Ground to Lower 48 States  –  Express Shipping is Additional              




The BL230EE Specs

Construction: Sealed Urethane housing

Frequency: 200Khz & 30Khz

Embedded transceivers

Digital signal Processing

Accuracy: 200kHz 0.01 m +/- 0.1% depth – 30kHz 0.01 m +/- 0.15% depth

Echo Envelope: High and low Freq Full water column echo envelope capable

Depth display Resolution: 1 cm

Ping rate: 1Hz – 10Hz / 1-10 Soundings / second

Depth Range: .4m (1.3 ft) > 200m (656ft)

Beam Width: 9 Degree

Power supply voltage: 9 – 40VDC, Regulated

Power output from transmitter: 100 watts at 12 V

Average current draw: 300mA @ 13.6V

NMEA0183 Baud Rate: 4800

Operating temperature range: -5C to +60C

Mounting: Threaded CNC adaptor

Battery: 9800mah Li-Ion 24 hour range

Mounting: Portable Boat mount kit included

Data Output: USB / Db9 – Hard cable eliminates bluetooth latency issues

Output format String: NMEA 0183

Calibration: Control Software Included for Sound Velocity (1350-1650) and Output Rate (1Hz – 10 Hz)

CE certification: Yes to marine standard IEC60945

Hydromagic EE Document below

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