BL230 Dual Frequency Echo Sounder 200 kHz & 30 kHz

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The BL230 is a Survey Grade 200 kHz and 30kHz  echo sounder in one transducer and is the best choice for shallow water bathymetric (hydrographic) surveys up to 200 meters deep. The 200 kHz is used for up to 100m of water depth and the more powerful  30 khz is best from 100m – 200m of water depth. Dredgers also like using them to determine hard or soft bottom. By seeing how far the 30 khz penetrates compared to the 200 khz top layer return. This model has a DB9 RS232 output connector or a USB.

Included in the kit:

  • 200/30 kHz Transducer
  •  Rugged Hard Case
  • Boat Mounting Bracket
  • 5x Survey poles
  • 9000 mah Li-ion Battery with Charger
  •  Usb manual flash drive
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The BL230 is a Survey Grade 200/30 kHz dual frequency Echo sounder (sonar) and is the best choice for shallow water bathymetric surveys up to 200 meters deep. This unit has an embedded transceiver with digital signal processing. Its “smart”. It adjusts power and gain as needed, it knows how deep it is and when it has bottom track. This is the most portable Survey Grade Echo sounder made today. The Bathylogger delivers the same accuracy as the best Survey transducers in the world 1cm +/- every 10 meters of depth. The simplicity is in the design, less is more. It can tackle saltwater or freshwater from lakes and rivers to Ports and Harbors. Perfect for Hydrographic Surveys, Bridge Scouring, Dredging Surveys, Mining Tailings ponds and more. Compatible with ALL manufacturers: Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Socchia , Carlson, Hemisphere, Hypack, Hydromagic, Quinsy and more. The BL200 Meets USACE Specs and is made in the USA.

Included is our very own Bathylogger Control Software for a PC. With this you can adjust the sound velocity and output ping rate 1 – 10 hz, It also has a built in terminal program to view output data.


Sonar FYI

Echo Sounding Sonar uses the time interval between a series of soundings and echos  for several purposes like range finding (survey) , fish finding or imaging. The bathy logger is a single beam , single frequency 200 kHz echo sounder made for conducting survey grade bathymetric ( Hydrographic ) surveys. Over 90% of bathymetric surveys in the world are still done with single beam echo sounders. Survey Echo sounders have a narrower beam (cone) and can not see fish in the water column.  We just want to track the bottom and interpret the returns for accuracy unlike a fish finder. 

Construction: Sealed Urethane housing

Frequency: 200Khz & 30Khz

Embedded transcievers

Digital signal Processing

Accuracy: 200kHz 0.01 m +/- 0.1% depth – 30kHz 0.01 m +/- 0.15% depth

Depth displat Resolution: 1 cm

Ping rate: 1Hz – 10Hz / 1-10 Soundings / second

Depth Range: .4m (1.3 ft) > 200m (656ft)

Beam Width: 9 Degree

Power supply voltage: 9 – 40VDC, Regulated

Power output from transmitter: 100 watts at 12 V

Average current draw: 300mA @ 13.6V

NMEA0183 Baud Rate: 4800

Operating temperature range: -5C to +60C

Mounting: Threaded CNC adaptor

Battery: 9800mah Li-Ion 24 hour range

Mounting: Portable Boat mount kit included

Data Output: USB / Db9 – Hard cable eliminates bluetooth latency issues

Output format String: NMEA 0183

Calibration: Control Software Included for Sound Velocity (1350-1650) and Output Rate (1Hz – 10 Hz)

CE certification: Yes to marine standard IEC60945



bl230 Hydrolite DFX
Transducer housing Resin Resin
Frequency 200khz / 30khz 200khz / 30 khz
Depth range 1.5m-200m 1.5m-200m
Accuracy – 0.01 m +/- 0.1% depth – 0.01 m +/- 0.1% depth
Beam width 9 degree 9 degree
Ping rate output 1-10 soundings per second adjustable 2 soundings per second non adjust
SV adjustment Increments of 1 1350-1650 Increments of 10 – Less Accurate
Battery swapping Yes No
Cost $4590.00 $7000.00+