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Emlid RS2 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What to choose: NTRIP service or your own base? A quick explanation of when the users really need to configure their own base or when they can use the closest NTRIP.
  2. What to use to pass corrections from Reach base to Reach rover: Emlid Caster or LoRa radio? Same logic, just a quick guide on the advantages of each way of correction transmission.
  3. How to obtain projected coordinates using Stop & Go? A burning hack on how to use ReachView 3 to help you get the projected coordinates after PPK with Emlid Studio.
  4. How to choose between Reach RX and Reach RS2+? The ultimate post for the users who are intrigued by our new products: with the comparison table and the detailed specs of each receiver.
  5. How to set up your own NTRIP service to work with Reach RX? One more thread on our new RX with the most important configuration question. The step-by-step explanation is inside!