The BathyCat is a portable survey catamaran designed to complete bathymetric surveys while you are safely on the shore.
The BL200 is a survey grade single beam echosounder and is the best choice for shallow water bathymetric surveys up to 100 meters deep.

The Bathylogger BathyCat USV

Is a portable Unmanned Surface Vessel designed to complete bathymetric surveys using single beam sonar while you are safely on the shore. The Bathycat Survey Boat is sold as an RC (Remote Control) unmanned Survey Boat, but can be upgraded with our BathyNav autopilot system.

The BathyCat USV is ideal for hard to reach areas, also places where launching a boat is not an option. When paired with the Bathylogger BL200 single beam echo sounder sonar kit and your own GPS / Data collector the BathyCat completes your bathymetric ( Hydrographic ) surveys with accuracy and ease.

The BathyCat USV Unmanned Survey Boat and the BL200 single beam echo sounder are made in Northern California, USA.

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