BathyCat Survey Catamaran


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The BathyCat is a portable unmanned survey catamaran designed to complete bathymetric surveys with a single beam echo sounder while you are safely on the shore. The BathyCat Hull is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

• 1x BathyCat Catamaran
• 2x Lipoly 3s 8000mah Batteries
• 1x Lipoly Quick Charger
• 1x Futaba Transmitter & Receiver kit

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Shipping Cost $100.00 Ground to Lower 48 States  –  Express Shipping is Additional 


Echo sounder: Bathylogger BL200  200 khz single beam sonar/ 100m depth / 1-10 htz – purchased separately
AutoPilot: Autonomous Control of the BathyCat – purchased separately

The BathyCat USV is a portable Unmanned Survey Vessel  designed to complete bathymetric surveys while you are safely on the shore. It is also ideal for hard to reach areas where launching a boat is not an option. When paired with the BL200 single beam echo sounder and your own GPS and data collector the BathyCat completes your survey with ease. The BathyCat has features not available on other over priced models, like an internal storage compartment and compact size. This boat can be carried, deployed and retrieved by one person. No assembly needed. The BathyCat is Made in USA. The BathyCat Hull comes with a LIFETIME limited warranty – please see the warranty page.


Single beam echo sounder Survey FYI

Typically single beam echo sounder survey boat speed is 1 m/s and you would work in a back and forth pattern across the shortest distance. ( similar to the lines on a football field), line spacing will be determined by how large the area is and how much detail you need. I usually survey some additional lines in the perpendicular direction from the original lines. This ties the lines together and creates a more accurate finished product. Ping rate or soundings /second is also a factor you can adjust that with our Bathylogger software.

As the surveyor you control the amount of points you log. In  the Hydrographic community using Hypack or Hydromagic  we are used to collecting a lot of points. The Land Surveyors are not typically used to this and space soundings out quite a bit. River crossings may not require a lot of points, but pre and post dredging and bridge scouring surveys it would be beneficial to have dense data to create an accurate map of the bottom.

When you get around 1.3 feet (.39m) of water depth you may experience what’s called double or triple returns. The sounding will appear deeper. All 200Khz transducers will do this, just keep that in mind. Shorelines should be done with a rod.

Vegetation can give echo sounders problems. If its thick enough it will give false readings or zero depth readings. Despite popular belief, a dual beam or dual frequency echosounder is not the answer as you will also get bottom penetration readings and not actual seabed with a low 30Khz transducer. Options are use a rod in these areas or wait until after winter while the vegetation is dead.

The sonar cone is 9 degrees and would look  like a upside down ice cream cone. If the transducer is close to a seawall , piling , dock etc. it will take the first and nearest return which may not be the seafloor.

Length: 1010mm / 40 inches

Width: 609mm / 24 inches

Battery: 3S 8000mah Lipoly

Battery Endurance: 4 hours each / quick swap battery changes

Payload: 11.33kg / 25 lbs

Motor: Brushless Thrusters – 11 lbf / 5 kgf max

Speed: 8-10 knots / 9.2 – 11.5 mph / 14.8 – 18.5 kph

Hatch: 24″ x 14″

Internal compartment

Hull: Durable HDPE – LIFETIME limited Warranty

Transmitter: 2.4 ghz FUTABA T6K

Transmitter Range: 2 km

No assembly Needed