Starfish 990f Portable Sidescan Sonar Kit



Sidescan is imaging Sonar used for location of lost objects or inspection of objects like Bridge Pilings or Seawalls Etc. You would not use this to for a Bathymetric Survey  Mapping project. See the bl200 in products list for Bathymetry Sonar.

Measuring less than 15 inches long the StarFish 990F sonar is small enough to be transported in your rucksack. Lightweight and quick to deploy by hand, the 990F towed system is independent of the boat requiring no fixed installation which makes it easy to transport and operate from any vessel. The StarFish Peli Case provides a rugged and watertight method for transporting and storing your StarFish system.

Kit Includes Everything needed:

  • Starfish Sonar Head
  • Topside Control Box
  • 20m Tow Cable
  • Pole Mount Bracket
  • Pelican Hard Case
  • Mini GPS Receiver
  • Scanline Software



High-Resolution Side Scan Sonar (Shallow Water).

The StarFish range has gained worldwide recognition as the most compact, affordable, towed side scan sonars for the professional underwater survey industry.

The full-body, three-fin, hydrodynamic design of the StarFish systems challenge the common cylindrical or torpedo-shape of traditional side scan sonars. The unique shape of the StarFish systems dramatically improves the stability of the sonar and consequently the quality of the images it produces. Furthermore, the advanced digital CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) acoustic techniques used by StarFish systems offer better range resolution compared to conventional, fixed-frequency side scan sonars.

Building on the success of the original StarFish 450F, the StarFish 990F is the ultimate high-resolution  side scan sonar for extreme image definition and target detection. The sonar uses a high frequency 1MHz CHIRP transmission with extremely narrow horizontal acoustic beam to provide the sharpest, most defined images. With 35m range capability on each channel (70m total swathe coverage), the sonar is ideal for high-resolution survey in ports & harbours, inland waterways such as rivers and canals and excels when used for SAR (Search And Recovery/Rescue) operations. The sonar also has an inline connector to allow the cable to be swapped or replaced on site. Existing owners of StarFish 450F & 450H systems can upgrade to the StarFish 990F, should they desire higher definition sonar imagery.

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