Bathylogger long range WiFi bridge


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The bathylogger long range 5Ghz WiFi bridge enables the user to connect the Bathycat (or other survey vessel) up to a distance of 2-km “line of site” back to shore.  The onboard weatherproof router with a 9Dbi omni antenna goes on the Bathycat. The powerful 15 Dbi  – 120 degree directional antenna with internal router goes on the shore. Once setup you can now view and control hydromagic or other programs via laptop on shore.

We are often asked if its possible to send the raw data back to a PC on shore for logging. We do not recommend logging the data back on shore, to avoid latency issues always log data directly to a PC on the survey vessel.  With our WiFi bridge you will log all data on the boat but you will have a remote desktop for full control and visual on the logging PC out on the water.

You do not need a WiFi connection for this bridge in the field. Once setup, this stand alone bridge will send and receive data via internal routers.


  • Shore based 5Ghz Long Range WiFi  router – 15DBi Directional Antenna
  • Offshore 5 Ghz Longe Range WiFi  router – 9DBi omni antenna with internal
  • 2x 6800 mah Li-ion power cells with chargers
  • BathyCat mounting kit
  • 2x Cat6 cables
  • Control Software
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