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Bathylogger Rental List  

BathyCat RC  (No Autopilot)    $150.00 / day

BL200 Echo Sounder Kit     $100.00 / day

BL230 Dual Frequency Echo Sounder Kit     $200.00 / day

BathyCat RC with BL200 echosounder (No autopilot)     $250.00 / day

Please email or call to setup a rental : [email protected]

Terms and Conditions of Lease:

Lessee to be responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment for the duration of the rental period and up to a maximum of the full replacement values shown on the bathylogger website.

bathylogger is not liable for data loss, injuries, damages, or delays due to equipment failure or malfunction. This includes but is not limited to physical damage, mechanical or electrical malfunction, power supplies, and physical loss. It is the sole responsibility of the lessee to interface the equipment with any mechanical or electrical hardware required for safe deployment and operation.

Rental charges are to commence on the date the equipment is received at destination and cease on the date all equipment is received back at the bathylogger facility in Cameron Park, CA.  All shipping costs are the responsibility of the lessee.

3 Day Minimum Rental

Please email or call to setup a rental : [email protected]


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