Bathylogger was formed with over 15 years experience in sales, support and manufacturing of single beam echo sounders to fill a need for affordable Bathymetric Survey Sonar that every Surveyor can afford. The first goal was to provide a top of the line USV Unmanned Surface Vessels and echosounders, that are ultra portable, easy to use and have all the essential options needed to complete the job. We achieved all Four of those points with the BL-200 Single Beam Echo Sounder kit and the BathyCat USV Survey Boat.

The second goal was to come in at a price point that sets the industry on its head. We achieved that by keeping the Sonar and USV products simple, functional, no unneeded bells and whistles. The biggest factor was cutting out all of the middle men and selling only directly to the consumer. No Hydrographic, Bathymetric or GPS Dealer Markups, that 20%-30% savings goes directly to you.

Lastly, after the sale we will to be ready to support you with spare parts or the technical help needed to keep your echosounders and RC Survey Boats up and running. We have a “No Wait” repair shop, normally all repairs are back out the door in 1-2 days.

BathyLogger USV and Sonar Echo Sounder products are made in the USA and always backed by our No Hassle limited Warranty.

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We Specialize in:

• Affordable Hydrographic Survey Gear

• Survey Systems

• Single Beam Echosounders

• Bathymetry Systems

• Portable Survey Catamarans

• Unmanned Survey & GPS

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