Emlid Reach RS2 GNSS Receiver 3.5G


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Multi-band RTK GNSS receiver
with centimeter precision

For surveying, mapping and navigation.
The Only Main Difference from the RS2+ , RS2 is 3.5G  –  Rs2+ is 4G

LTE modem
Baseline up to 100 km
Update rate 10 Hz

THESE ARE IN STOCK     Free 6″ extension pole with every RS2 purchase 

No Sales Tax charged outside of California


  1. GNSS Receiver
  2. Soft Case
  3. Antenna
  4. Usb Cable
  5. Reachview 3 data  collection Software
  6. FREE 6″ extension pole with every RS2 purchase

Buy 2 units if you need a Base and a Rover


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