BL700 Single Beam Echo Sounder

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The BL700 is a Survey Grade 700 kHz Single Beam Echo Sounder and is the best choice for shallow water bathymetric (hydrographic) surveys up to 50 meters deep. This model has a USB or RS232  output connector. This is the best choice if you will be primarily logging on a PC or a Tablet type running windows.

Included in the DB9 kit:

  • 700 kHz Echo Sounder
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Battery & Charger Set
  • DB9 to USB adaptor
  • Control Software

Included in the USB kit:

  • 700 kHz Echo Sounder
  • Battery & Charger Set
  • Control Software

Optional Accessories:

  • Small Hard Case for $159.90
  • Bluetooth module $169.90
  • Large HARD CASE  includes boat mount and 5x survey poles For $489.00

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USB output cable is normally for PC / Tablet applications running Windows 10 etc.

DB9 output cable is normally used on windows mobile survey data collector based software. (TSC3, CS30, Surveyor2 ,FC-500, etc)


→ Download the BL700 Spec Sheet

The BL700 is a Survey Grade Single beam Echo sounder and is the best choice for shallow water bathymetric surveys up to 50 meters (168 ft)  deep. We found that many of our buyers are mainly doing shallow surveys <30 ft in depth. We specifically designed this echo sounder as a low cost addition to our BathyCat survey catamaran. Now you can get a full Survey package for around $5000.00    This unit has an embedded transceiver with digital signal processing. Its “smart”. It adjusts power and gain as needed, it knows how deep it is and when it has bottom track. This is the most portable Survey Grade Echo sounder made today. The Bathylogger delivers the same accuracy as the best Survey transducers in the world 1cm +/- every 10 meters of depth. It can tackle saltwater or freshwater from lakes and rivers to Ports and Harbors. Perfect for Hydrographic Surveys, Bridge Scouring, Dredging Surveys, Mining Taleings ponds and more. Compatible with ALL manufacturers: Trimble, Leica, Topcon, Socchia , Carlson, Hemisphere, Hypack, Hydromagic, Quinsy and more. The BL700 Meets USACE Specs and is made in the USA.

Included is our  Control Software for a PC. With this you can adjust the sound velocity and output ping rate 1 – 10 hz and other parameters. It also has a built in terminal program to view output data.

Construction: Stainless Steel Housing

Frequency: 700Khz

Accuracy: 0.01 m +/- 0.1% depth

Ping rate: 1Hz – 10Hz / 1-50 Soundings / second

Depth Range: .2m (.65 ft) > 50m (168ft)

Beam Width: 9 Degree

Power supply voltage: 5 – 14VDC

Average current draw: 100mA @ 13.6V

Baud Rate: 9600

Operating temperature range: -5C to +60C

Embedded Cable EMI filter

Battery: 6400mah Li-Ion 24 hour range

Data Output: USB, DB9, Bluetooth – Hard cable eliminates bluetooth latency issues

Output format String: NMEA DBT

Calibration: Control Software Included for Sound Velocity (1350-1650) and Output Rate (1Hz – 50Hz)

CE certification: Yes to marine standard IEC60945

Stainless Steel Housing

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